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December 2015; l(2)


I.H. Kubkomawa, M. A. Tizhe, O. O. Emenalom, and I. C. Okoli

Handling, reference value and usefulness of blood biochemical of indigenous pastoral cattle in tropical Africa:  A review

[Abstract] [Full - Text PDF] pp. 18-27

Original Research Article

I.H. Kubkomawa, M.A. Tizhe, W.D. Nafarnda and I.C. Okoli

Effects of environment, sex, breed, management and season on some serum enzyme profile of pastoral zebu cattle  in Nigeria

[Abstract] [Full- Text PDF] pp. 28 - 42

Original Research Article

Kefyalew Alemayehu and Addis Getu

 Beef Cattle Marketing and Illegal Trading in North Western Amhara, Ethiopia

[Abstract] [Full - Text PDF] pp. 43-48