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Tinga and Chimbalambala

Dynamics Journal of Animal Science and Technology

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Vol.2(2), pp.10-16, June 2016

ISSN: 2488-9784

Article ID: DJAST/JDYA14428832

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Original Research Paper

Improved dry season feed supplementation for small scale cattle production in Mozambique

Benedito I. Tinga1* and Abdul H. Chimbalambala2

1Animal Science Directorate.

2Chobela Zootecnica Station, Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique.

*Corresponding Author.

Received 11 February, 2016; Accepted 14 April, 2016.


Native pasture and crop residue are the main feed for livestock in Mozambique, however, the decline in the nutritive value during the dry season result in body weight losses. Here we discussed alternative strategic dry season feed supplements for cattle in Xai-Xai and Chicualacuala districts, Gaza province. Treatments were: T1 – Unsupplemented and T2 – Rice stover only in Xai-Xai site and in Chicualacuala site Maize stover; T3-Sorghum stover; T4-Leucaena leaf meal; T5-Hay of grass and T6-Hay of grass in simultaneous with Urea-molasses block (UMB).
Results revealed that animal supplemented with cereal stover treated with urea, Leucaena leaf meal and hay of grass + UMB (T2, T3, T4, T6) had better weight performance. The urea and leucaena increased intake and promoted quality (nutritive value). The live weight Average Daily Gain (ADG) of T2 was statistically higher than T1 and the cattle weight loss in Xai-Xai site.  In Chicualacuala site, the live weights ADG calculated by Ts 2, 3, 4 and 6 were statistically equal for both and higher than T1 and T5. In these same sites, the live weight ADG of T1 and T5 were statistically equal for both treatments and low by Scott-Knott test at level of probability 5%. It was concluded that urea and leucaena increased intake and promoted quality (nutritive value) of cereal stover and hay of grass, respectively and cattle weight better performance. So livestock feed supplement is recommended to treat cereal stover with urea, leucaena leaf meal and use hay of grass simultaneously with UMB.

Key words: Dry season, feed supplementation, Cattle, Performance, Mozambique.