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Journal of Business Economics and Management  Science

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Vol.2(1), pp.1-9, February  2015

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Original Research Paper

Role of Higher Education Institutions towards developing the Human Capital of the world through competency mapping

Ekta Sharma

Postal address: 13, Gopal Surya Tenement, Nr. Sola railway crossing, Sola road, Ahmedabad-61,Gujarat, India.

*Corresponding author.

Received 7 October, 2014; Accepted 21 January, 2015.


The harsh reality of contemporary times is that the employment market is flooded with the large number of Management graduates but with minimal employability and hence, it becomes essential for the management institutes to take a challenge and develop employable human capital. This would be possible only if they are being able to think differently to prepare their graduates proactively and adorn them with the skills which increase their employability. The present paper intends to identify the model for competency mapping of the Managers and then analyze Gap between management students’ competencies and the managers and how to bridge the gap. This paper is an effort towards developing a competency guide for the “Managers to be”. The rationale of the study is to facilitate the management graduates to plot their career path and secure the designation of “Manager” within four to five years of the beginning their career. The study would help the management institutions to review the curriculum to suit the needs of the employment market and also the career growth of their graduates. The study is limited to the management graduates only.

Key words: Competency mapping, management institutions, management graduates, generic competency, managerial competency.