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Dynamic  Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Vol.1(5), pp.39-42, July 2016

Article ID: DJEST/JDYA97378386

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Original Research Paper

An assessment of the effects of petroleum production on environmental resources in Khana and Gokana Local Government Areas of Rivers State Nigeria

J. A. Onwubiko

Department of Geography and Environmental Management, Imo State University,Imo, Nigeria.

Corresponding Author.

Received 17 June, 2016; Accepted 30 June, 2016,Available on-line 29 June, 2016.


The physical, chemicals as well as Total Hydrocarbon Content (THC) concentrations of soils and streams in Khana and Gokana LGAs of Rivers State Nigeria were investigated. The main aim was to determine whether the environmental resources in Ogoni land had actually been degraded by petroleum production activities.Soil and surface water samples were collected from scientifically delineated spots in the study area and analyzed in the laboratory at the Institute of Pollution Studies, Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. All data obtained from the laboratory analyses were analyzed statistically using one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
Results show that there were statistically significant variations in the values of soil characteristics attributable to petroleum production. This could affect the soil productivity negatively. Also, significant variations were noted in most water characteristics attributable to petroleum production. However, apart from electrical conductivity, all other water parameters were within limits recommended by WHO, (1996). The study recommends liming and good soil management practices, on one hand, and adequate soil test before farming.

Keywords: petroleum production, environmental resources, Khana and Gokana.