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Mussa et al

Dynamics Journal of Animal Science and Technology

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Vol.2(1), pp.1-9, January 2016

ISSN: 2488-9784

Article ID: DJAST/15/024

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Original Research Paper

Effect of dietary inclusion of local brewery by-product (Tela-atella) on quality and production of egg by Lohmann White chickens

Abdu Ali Mussa1,Tegene Negesse2* and Getnet Assefa3

1Meda Wolabo University, Bale, Ethiopia.

2Hawassa University, College of Agriculture, School of Animal and Range Sciences, P.O.Box 336, Hawassa, Ethiopia.

3Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding Author.

Received 23 October, 2015; Accepted 30 November, 2015.


Effects of four levels of dietary inclusion of “Tela-atella” local brewery by-product (LBB: 20.7% CP and 10.23MJ ME/kg DM) on amount and quality traits of eggs produced by Lohmann White chickens (30 wk old; 1.24-1.43kg) were evaluated at Debre Zeit Agricultural Research Center (central Ethiopia). Four treatment rations [CP:16.9-17.8% DM, CF: 7.28-9.90% DM and ME:12.0-12.6 MJ/kg DM) were formulated, each replicated 4 times and to each replicate five chicks were randomly assigned; replicates were kept in individual open floor pens with deep litter (sawdust) and group fed for 11 weeks. T1contained 0% LBB; and in T2, T3 and T4 LBB replaced 10, 15 and 20% DM of T1, respectively. There was no difference (P>0.05) in dry matter intake (DMI: 74-90 g/hen/d) and feed conversion ratio (FCR: 2.95-3.26 kg of feed/kg of eggs) among the dietary treatments possibly due to the similar levels of dietary ME, CP and CF. Birds fed on T1 had lower hen-day egg production (56.6%) than those on T2 (64%), T3 (73.1%) and T4 (68.2%). Birds fed T2 (51.5g, 2.64 kg/hen/80d), T3 (52.2g, 3.06 kg/hen/80d) and T4 (51.1g, 2.79kg/hen/80d) laid significantly larger (p<0.05) eggs and egg mass than those on T1 (48.9g, 2.21 kg/hen/80d, respectively); partly because eggs from hens on T1 had slightly lower egg length (52.14mm) and egg width (41.1mm) than those of T2 (53.4mm and 41.7mm), T3 (53.6mm and 41.9mm) and T4 (52,9mm and 41.8mm), respectively. Eggs produced from T1 (78.8%) and T4 (79.0%) attained a slightly higher egg shape index (width/length*100) than those of T2 (78.0%) and T3 (78.2%). Yolks of hens on T1 (12.9g) and T2 (13.1g) were lighter than those of T3 (13.9g) and T4 (13.9g). Hens on T2 (33.3g), T3 (33.0g) and T4 (31.8g) had larger albumen than those on T1 (31.0g). LBB (Tela-atella) could be included up to 20% of the DM of diets of Lohmann White chickens without affecting DMI, FCR and most egg production and egg quality traits considered in this trial.

Key words: local brewery by-product (Tela-atella), Lohmann White chickens, egg production, egg quality traits.