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Mangu and Kisetu

Dynamic Journal of Environmental Science and Technology

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Vol.1(6), pp.53-60, August 2016

Article ID: DJEST/JDYA58505844

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Original Research Paper

Benefits of spatial arrangements and time of introducing soybean in maize under highly weathered soils of Morogoro, Tanzania

Lulyalya Lupilya Mangu1, and Eliakira Kisetu2*

11,2Department of Soil and Geological Sciences, Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro-Tanzania.

Corresponding Author.

Received 28 May, 2016; Accepted 1 July, 2016.


This study assessed the performance of soybean-maize cropping systems determined by spatial arrangements and time of introducing soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill). Two factors in different levels were: (1) Time of introduction: (i) early sowing of soybean (ii) simultaneous sowing of soybean and maize (iii) mid-sowing of soybean; (2) Spatial arrangements of the component crops in the intercropping system: (i) 1:1 and (ii) 2:2. Soybean variety UYOLE 84 and Tanzania Maize Variety 1 (TMV-1) were used as test crops. The two-way interaction between cropping pattern and the time of introducing soybean for all response variables did not differ significantly (P > 0.05) for both maize and soybean. The mean number of seeds/cob differed significantly (P = 0.027) as sole maize (455), simultaneous sowing of the crops (451), mid-introduction of soybean (440), and early introduction of soybean (423). Biological yields were mid-introduction (25.7 t/ha), simultaneous sowing (23.2 t/ha), sole maize (15.6 t/ha), and early introduction of soybean (5.5 t/ha), which differed significantly (P = 0.004). Maize yields were mid-introduction of soybean (3.7 t/ha), and simultaneous sowing (3.6 t/ha), sole maize (2.4 t/ha) and early introduction of soybean (2.0 t/ha). In soybean the number of pods/plant was sole soybean (86 pods/plant), early introduction (81 pods/plant), simultaneous sowing (52 pods/plant), and mid-introduction (32 pods/plant). Mean number of seeds/pod were sole soybean (3.037), mid-introduction (3.005), early-introduction (2.976), and simultaneous sowing of both crops (2.950). Soybean grain yields were sole soybean (4.22 t/ha), early sowing (3.02 t/ha), simultaneous sowing (2.83 t/ha), and mid-introduction (2.34 t/ha).

Keywords: crops, cropping systems, productivity, time of introduction.