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Kubkomawa et al

Dynamics Journal of Animal Science and Technology

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Vol.1(2), pp.18-27, December 2015

Article ID: DJAST/15/022

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Review Paper

Handling, reference value and usefulness of blood biochemical of indigenous pastoral cattle in tropical Africa:A review

I.H. Kubkomawa1*, M.A.Tizhe2, O.O.Emenalom1 and I.C. Okoli1

1Department of Animal Science and Technology, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

2Department of Animal Production and Health, Federal Polytechnic, P.M.B. 35, Mubi, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

*Corresponding Author. E-mail: Telephone: +2347066996221.

Received 26 September, 2015; Accepted 9 November, 2015.


The objective of the study, therefore, is to review and package the current reference values of some haemotological and serum biochemical of indigenous pastoral cattle in tropical Africa. Haematological investigation has gained a global popularity as a prime diagnostic and management tool in veterinary practice. It ascertains the physiological, nutritional and pathological status of an animal and helps distinguish the normal state from the state of stress, which can be nutritional, physical or environmental. The blood examination gives the opportunity to investigate the presence of several metabolites and other constituents in the body of animals and it plays a vital role in determining the physiological, nutritional and pathological status of an animal. Blood examination for their constituents can provide important information for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases in animals. Blood constituents change in relation to the physiological conditions of health. These changes are of value in assessing response of animals to various physiological situations. The knowledge about normal values of biochemical variables in blood serum and other physiological variables of cattle is important for assessment of damage of organs and tissues in different disease conditions and for assessment of developmental stages as well as welfare of the animal. Precaution should be taken during handling and processing of blood and serum samples for laboratory analysis. This is to ensure accuracy in determination of haemotological and serum biochemical indices.

Key words: Current, Physiological, Value, Pastoral, cattle, Tropical, Africa.