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Journal of Dynamics in Agricultural Research

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Vol.1(5), pp.36-43, December  2014

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Original Research Paper

Guidelines for the sampling, identification and designation of Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia) biotypes in South Africa

Astrid Jankielsohn

ARC-Small Grain Institute, Private Bag X29, Bethlehem, 9700, South Africa.

*Corresponding author.

Received 12 September, 2014; Accepted 25 November, 2014.


Biotype development jeopardizes the durability of plant resistance, which has been a cornerstone for Russian wheat aphid management. Since the first record of a new Russian wheat aphid biotype in South Africa in 2005 research in South Africa was geared towards successful development and deployment of new resistant wheat cultivars to mitigate injury caused by Russian wheat aphid biotypes. Clear guidelines on how to sample, identify and designate these biotypes used in this research is necessary to assist researchers in meeting these challenges. The challenges are to develop a structured system which is most applicable for attaining the goal of delivering Russian wheat aphid resistant wheat cultivars to the producer, to identify and designate Russian wheat aphid biotypes, to determine the distribution of the designated biotypes in wheat production areas, and to screen germplasm for resistance against the designated biotypes.

Key words:  Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia, biotypes, Dn genes, resistance, guidelines.