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Journal of Dynamics in Agricultural Research

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Vol.3(4), pp.46-52, December 2016

Article ID: JDAR/JDYA42677627

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Original Research Paper

Effect of Phosphorus Fertilizer Application on Some Yield Components of Wheat and Phosphorus Use Efficiency in Calcareous Soil

Ghafoor Ahmed Mam Rasul

Department  of  Soil and Water Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Sulaimani University,Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

*Corresponding Author.

Received 20 October, 2016; Accepted 8 December, 2016; Available on-line 15 December, 2016.


The current study was conducted during winter 2014. The treatments included different phosphorus fertilizer rates (0, 150, 200 and 250 kg P2O5 ha-1). The experimental units were arranged using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with three replicates. Results indicated that most of the yield components of wheat were found to be significantly affected. Moreover, the results revealed that chlorophyll content in the leaf; protein content (%), grain N(%), and P (%) were also affected significantly. The data further revealed that the maximum P uptake by wheat grain (11.70) kg ha-1 was recorded from T4 while the minimum (3.30 kg ha-1) in control. However, the lower phosphorus use efficiency (PUE) was seen at higher P application rates. The grain P physiological efficiency index (PEI) was influenced by the rate of P application. The lowest value of PEI (0.46 kg g-1) was found from T4 while the highest value was (1.55 kg g-1) found from control.  Results indicated that the use of soil P fertilizer had a beneficial effect on phosphorus use efficiency (PUE).

Keywords: Wheat yield components, Phosphorus fertilizers, Phosphorus use efficiency, Calcareous soil.