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Esho and Saeed

Journal of Dynamics in Agricultural Research

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Vol.3(3), pp.41-45, November 2016

Article ID: JDAR/JDYA27295993

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Original Research Paper

Correlation and Genetic Parameters in Summer Squash (Cucurbita Pepo L.)

Kamal Benyamin Esho1* and  Safwan Hazem Saeed2

1,2College of Agriculture and Forestry, Horticulture and Landscape Design, Mosul University, Iraq.

*Corresponding Author.

Received 14 September, 2016; Accepted 27 October, 2016; Available on-line  10 November, 2016.


The study was carried out in the private farm of Somail, Dohuk government, during growing fall season 2015. The aim was to study the correlation and genetic parameters in summer squash, using three cultivars (Alexandria F1, Khatoon F1 and Ardendo 174 F1). The results showed that the variety Ardendo 174 F1, is the best in all traits v.z. Plant height, leaves per plant, fresh and dry weight per plant, male and female flowers per plant, number of fruits per plant, fruit weight, yield per plant and total yield per unit area. The σ2 G, σ2 P were higher for all traits except the leaves number per plant, sex ratio and number of fruits per plant. The heritability (H2b.s) was higher in all characters except in the plant height, leaves number per plant, and fresh weight per plant. The results indicated a higher positive significant phenotypic correlation coefficient between the total yield per unit area with all traits. While the sex ratio gave a negative significant phenotypic correlation coefficient between plant heights, leaves number, fresh weight, dry weight, and female flowers per plant.

Keywords: cucurbita, genetic parameters, correlation.