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Alemayehu and Getu

Dynamics Journal of Animal Science and Technology

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Vol.1(2), pp.43-48, December 2015

Article ID: DJAST/15/014

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Original Research Paper

Beef Cattle Marketing and Illegal Trading in North Western Amhara, Ethiopia

Kefyalew Alemayehu1 and Addis Getu2*

1Bihardar University, Department of Animal Production and Technology,Ethiopia.

2University of Gondar, Department of Animal Production and Extension, Ethiopia.

*Corresponding Author. E-mail:

Received 14 August, 2015; Accepted 16 November, 2015.


An assessment of cattle marketing, trading systems and its chains was conducted in North and west Gondar and Gojam zones, northern Ethiopia. An exploratory field survey was considered to characterize beef marketing and illegal cattle trading system. Beef marketing constraints prioritized by the respondents in the study area included live animal exporting, taxation in Ethiopia and no taxes in Sudan, Sudan demand deflation and absence of quarantine. Most respondents frequently mentioned taxation in Ethiopia and non-taxes (Free) in Sudan as the first ranked constraint in all districts followed by Sudan demand deflation as the second major problem. Absence of quarantine between Ethiopia and Sudan was the bottleneck of cattle marketing in Maksegnit district in particular and in north Gondar zone in general where exportation of live animals was identified as a common limitation in all districts. The main actors of beef cattle marketing in the study area include brokers, licensed traders and illegal traders with the proportion of 34%, 48% and 88%, respectively. Beef marketing mainly practiced in the local market is correlated with seasons and traders. Identification constraints are routinely affected by the resources in the country.

Key words: Beef, Cattle, Market, Illegal Trade.